Sparrow Sonography Testimonials

What People Are Saying

Connie employs a straightforward, comprehensive method of teaching obstetric ultrasound to midwives. She starts with several short, yet important, didactic lectures, then quickly moves on to hands-on teaching and practice. Throughout the course, Connie creates a fun, interactive atmosphere that is very conducive to learning. Her decades of experience make her an invaluable teacher!

—Dr. Jen Halverson, Nashville

Clinical Imaging II

When asked what the best aspect of this course was, participants responded:

My nurses benefitted greatly.

I found the training to be very beneficial and will make sure I scan, scan , scan!

It was a privilege to be part of the training.

Just what we needed…thank you.

Awesome trainers!

Hands-on, individual attention, review and content

Scanning models, of course

Connie and Charlene’s technique, teaching and wisdom

The teaching style of the instructors

Thank you for your expertise. This will bless my center. Thank you for your vision and heart.

Being critiqued so I can improve my skills.

Fine tuning to show the cervical canal.

The teaching style of the instructors