Our goal is to provide education, training, tools and support so that no one in any community regrets the life choices that matter most.

Sparrow Solutions Group is here to educate, advise, and support pregnancy medical clinics.

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After being trained by Sparrow Solutions Group, one PMC (Pregnancy Medical Clinic) created the following vision statement for their community: We envision a community where no one regrets the life choices that matter most. 

When those of us at Sparrow Solutions Group think about who we serve, we think about the human beings in each community, and our goal is to provide education, training, tools and support so that no one in any community regrets the life choices that matter most.


Whether the ED/CEO is new to the organization or has been with the ministry for a while, sometimes specific training is needed. Sparrow Solutions Group can assess leadership growth opportunities and connect them with our top-notch consultants, most of whom have served in a PMC themselves. If expertise is needed in a specialty such as HR, fundraising, legal, marketing, etc., Sparrow Solutions Group has expert consultants available in those areas as well.

PMC Medical Personnel

Healthcare professionals love Sparrow Solutions Group because it was founded by a healthcare professional who understands how healthcare professionals think. She understands ideas like “best practices” and “standards of care.” Sparrow Solutions Group is committed to educating medical professionals to end the cycle of them leaving the PMC even before the year is up. SSG training and support is instrumental in reducing the stress and risk medical professionals may feel working in a PMC. By putting practices and personnel in place for PMC’s to function as a main stream clinic, it reduces the anxiety nurses and medical professionals feel and equips them to do the job they were called to do without putting their licenses and the clinic at risk.

PMC Board Members

If the PMC board is new, or if the board and ED have never gone through a training as a medical clinic, it’s imperative that they understand what it means to be governing a PMC, as opposed to any other kind of organization. Once the board with their ED has been through the training, the ED can provide this training annually. Sparrow Solutions Group can provide initial board training for start-up clinics or PRCs converting to PMCs, as well as refresher board trainings, which are recommended every 3-5 years.

PMC Support Staff/Volunteers

Whether paid or volunteer, it is critical that non-medical personnel understand what it means to serve in a PMC. Sparrow Solutions Group equips the entire team to think through best practices in every area of support, which not only contributes to the credibility of the PMC and optimum quality patient care, but also significantly reduces risk for the clinic.

PRCs (Pregnancy Resource Centers) who want to convert to PMCs

Many PRCs have become disheartened as they have failed to achieve their mission and have instead become part of an entitlement community. Many PRCs see the benefit of “adding ultrasound” but don’t understand that in order to best reach the women most in need of their services and effectively serve them, they will need a complete paradigm shift. The conversion process can be painful and difficult. Sparrow Solutions Group is available to help everyone involved go through this metamorphosis so that the mission can be achieved.

Local Community Leaders who dream of a PMC in their community

Oftentimes, all it takes is a few people in a community to spark a fire. Perhaps because of their own personal experiences, they know what a difference it would have made if they had seen an ultrasound before making their own decisions, and that leads them to want to provide this opportunity for others. Local community leaders can form a group and enlist the help of Sparrow Solutions Group to make the dream a reality.

Sparrow Leadership has developed the “Transition Team” concept for those leaders in a community who want to take action for life. These leaders may be business owners, medical professionals, teachers, pastors, or community service providers, just to name a few.

The common goal of the group is to be a change agent for life in this generation. Transition by our definition is the time needed to build a life affirming clinic or service organization in a community, taking it from a concept to providing services.

Sparrow Leadership is positioned to provide a these services in a cafeteria style or customized fashion. The “Transition Team” members include experts from the following:

  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Development
  • Steering Committee Consultation
  • Board Development
  • Executive Shadowing
  • Director of Client Services (DCS) Training
  • Client or Patient Decision Making Training
  • Director of Development Coaching
  • Fund Raising
  • Clinic Manager Training and Development
  • Imaging Manager training and Development
  • Sonography Training

Through the Sparrow Leadership Transition Team a community can see change, a change in the culture to value life. Let Sparrow Leadership join you as you transition your community to become life-affirming.

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