Sparrow Leadership

Sparrow Leadership is committed to building leaders to change communities. Those leaders may be serving as EDs/CEOs, board members, or in other positions.

So often those serving in a pregnancy medical clinic (PMC) have no prior background working in a medical clinic setting. If they’ve been a part of a pregnancy resource center (PRC) that has converted to a PMC, they may not fully understand the differences in what that conversion means.

Sparrow Leadership provides training to help insure that those supporting the medical staff understand how they can help to provide a standard of patient care that meets or exceeds nationally recognized standards. This training also lays the groundwork in preparation for  accreditation with organizations such as AAAHC.

Sparrow Leadership has experienced professionals in areas of fund raising, clinic management, legal, board development, patient service platform, corporate structure, patient flow optimization, brand development, just to name a few areas where a PMC must strive to be above reproach.

Through Sparrow Leadership, we are able to provide training sessions to individual team members, small groups, entire organizations or community-wide. Each session series is overseen in collaboration with consultants who have been selected to best serve your organization.

Behind every pregnancy medical clinic, in addition to the medical team, is an executive director, board of directors, and a number of other staff and volunteers. In order for the PMC to function optimally, Sparrow Leadership trains these non-medical counterparts to your team.

We are excited about partnering with you and putting a team together for your organization advancement as well as your community. Perhaps the time has come to reach a broader audience with your message. Find out how Sparrow Leadership can educate your community for life!