Adding an RDMS to Your Team

When a Pregnancy Medical Clinic (PMC) finds an RDMS that wants to join the organization as a volunteer or staff member, it is an exciting time! The addition of an RDMS brings a credential that adds to the credibility of the care provided. One thing that is typically missing from her résumé is experience in this unique clinical setting. Her understanding and awareness of the scope of practice for the PMC differs in some ways from other OB clinics.

How does the PMC address the gap created by this addition?

There are various trainings available to get them up to speed. While we can’t speak to other courses available, Sparrow Solutions Group(SSG) has some things available to acclimate the RDMS to the team as well as having an in-house objectives for incoming medical staff.

PMC’s perform a Limited Exam as described by the American Institute in Medicine(AIUM). The RDMS needs to be able to adapt to the Limited exam and work under the directive of the Medical Director. Most sonographers come from hospitals or clinics where the ordering physician may be close at hand. This closeness allows for easy discussion of the exam to be performed. When an RDMS comes to the PMC, they may encounter a setting where the doctor is engaged in a different way, maybe even from a remote location. This means the RDMS is now practicing without the interpreting physician being “in the next room.”  This is an adjustment for some. The AIUM states that clinical sites that do not have a physician on-site, should have an RDMS who is registered in the appropriate specialty performing the exam. How does the PMC leadership know what to ask the RDMS who is applying for the position? Again, SSG has a solution: RDMS as Team Member.

When Michelle was asked what brought her to the PMC, she said, “The ability to see a mother transition into a life decision. Taking time, having time to be with them and to help them see that life on the screen. In a hospital imaging department or OB office, you really don’t have time to sit and talk with them or share with them.” Michelle had a personal vision and desire to allow the mom the space to transition to her new normal—being pregnant. In a culture where there are contemporary pressures of today, she may need time to land in a place of decision-making she can live with. True informed consent.

“Now I’m not solving the problem of what is causing their pain or issues. I’m just answering those 3 questions,” Michelle shared. This limited scan described in the AIUM guidelines is exactly what the PMC setting is all about. The incoming RDMS needs to understand that and feel good about what she is doing. Through her work at the PMC, she is actually providing that woman with the most important exam—an early exam for determining the gestational age.

An RDMS volunteering at a clinic can have a tremendous amount of influence on those working in a clinic and on her patients. Giving her a full understanding of her scopes of practice will give her the confidence she needs to influence others in the clinic and in the community.


Kim Griggs
Editor & Writer
Sparrow Solutions Group

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