Limited Ultra Sound Training – November 2013


Greater Ft. Worth, TX area  November 2013

Las Vegas, NV                    November 2013

Your City?? — We need an East Coast City — Contact us with suggestions!  November 2013



Intermediate Training: Annual Refresher / Review 

This is a 2 day Limited Ultra Sound course for those scanning 1 or more years, Continuing Education Units available. Available slots, registration open until October 3, 2013. $600.00 each participant


For more information or to register, Call Karen Taylor @ 702-556-1102 or email


Our courses are put together in such a way that those who are participants in our program can eventually become registered sonographers.


The outline below covers Sound Foundations (SF) and Time to Begin (TTB).


Sound Foundations 

  • Physics and Instrumentation
  • Risk Management (taught by an attorney)
  • Nursing Accountability
  • Building your own Policies and Procedures
  • Lead Organizations in Sonography and What You Should Know
  • Basics of Imaging
  • Roles in the Clinic


Time to Begin 

  • Instrumentation; know your machine
  • Probes/Transducers; know which one to use when
  • Image Optimization; steps to obtain an IRI ™ (Interpretation Ready Image)
  • Ultrasound Terminology; basic sonography vocabulary
  • Anatomy and Imaging; anatomy recognition on images
  • Measurements in a Limited Sonogram and Beyond; expected measurements and why
  • Documentation; standards in charting
  • Fetal Presentation; knowing the baby’s position and why
  • Transvaginal Scanning; what is standard practice
  • Abnormal Findings in the PMC/PRC; knowing the abnormals that we can expect; ectopic, multiples, anomalies
  • Policies and Procedures; know how to build your own
  • Life-Affirming Language; Counseling, education, other.
  • Patient Flow Optimization; what is best for your clinic
  • Room set-up optimization; Support person(s) inclusion
  • Competency testing; risk reducing skills assessment
  • 6 month on-going distance learning; monthly assignments for the graduate


Intermediate Annual Review (IAR) Training Information

Welcome to an IAR! We are encouraged by your interest to maintain and grow your Sonography skills. The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS) has a competency section in their Code of Ethics for Sonographers, both registered and unregistered. Visit their website to review this:


The IAR will provide you with a skills review, hands-on training, a competency and CEU’s from the State of California.


You will be investing 12 hours into your sonography education, we expect you to scan up to 10 procedures which will include a mixture of trans-abdominal scanning and trans-vaginal scanning. The exact arrangement of the training hours is up to the trainer. The options are: 4 + 8, 6 + 6 or 8 + 4. Your trainer will keep you informed.


We know you may have questions and we encourage you to call and get the answers. Karen can be reached at 702-556-1102 or Connie can be reached at 702-556-1101. Karen will be the one to inform you of your trainer, then the trainer will call the host site. She may have the opportunity to call each of you, if time allows.


Be blessed as you serve,



Connie Ambrecht


President Sonography Now

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