Position Optimization

Grab and go!  That can be one method of how to scan, but it may be wiser to give a little consideration to the ergonomics of what you do when performing an ultrasound exam.  In more than one clinic I have observed transducer holds that are suboptimal as well as scanning stances that stress the sonographers spine.  A few things to consider: where is the equipment in relation to the exam table? Do you have to reach to scan the patient? Do you have to bend in an odd place in order to line yourself up for scanning?

To reduce the stress on your body while scanning, I’ve listed a few things you can consider for yourself as a sonographer.

Have a team member take a photo of you from behind while scanning to review your spine position when scanning.

Place your equipment so that your patient’s lower abdomen is at the level of your waist. You should be able to keep your arm relaxed at your side while still reaching the area of interest on the patient.

Try a stool and sit while scanning. Sitting will reduce bending your back in odd places at various times during the scan.

These are just few things to consider in order to reduce the amount of stress on your shoulder and back as you serve your patients. Optimizing your stance, contributes to optimizing your image.

Check in in  to see what we have to say about transducer holds!

Happy scanning,


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