Post Training Assignments

Hi all co-sonographers!

For those of you who do our hands-on training, you already know about the Post Training Worksheets (PTW) and I hope you are seeing the PTW process grow and that you are recognizing your own skills growing as you apply the expert feedback related to those submissions.  Growing that aspect of our training has been important to us as we have tried various methods of providing the needed distance consultation to keep your skills moving ahead.  We are thinking the steps are better than they had been, as you have reported that to us!  thaks for the feedback, it helps us improve. We are still working to improve the process, just as you should always improve your scanning.  I am going to be sharing some of the cases under “Case Studies” in the Sonogrpahy Now Forum.  In the mean time, I’d like to share a few thoughts…1. Look at your entire image. Don’t get too focused on just one particular area, 2. review your critiquing methods.  Ask yourself; “Is this image a quality image?”, and 3. Stay educated. Look online at images, get 3 textbooks (we have some selected books in our website “Store”), review your own charts and cases to see what improvements you’d make.  Be committed to sonography as a profession.

Happy scanning,


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