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The Pregnancy Medical Clinic’s unique setting makes it almost impossible to call a local temp agency when a key staff member suddenly vacates her position, whether temporarily or permanently.

The last thing a PMC wants to do is feel rushed and make a bad hire or have to temporarily shut its doors or suspend services while seeking to fill a position.

I had the opportunity to speak with Angela Williams, the Executive Director of Hope Center in Corsicana, TX about their recent experience in using Sparrow Solutions Group’s Temporary Staffing service.

Corsicana is located 60 miles south of Dallas, TX right between Dallas and Houston, off Interstate 45. While there isn’t an abortion clinic in Corsicana, there are abortion clinics in Houston and Dallas, easily accessible. Corsicana is a college town, with a junior college campus located right down the street from Hope Center. Hope Center has worked to build bridges with the college and even the local school districts. The schools allow Hope Center employees and volunteers to come on campus with health information and clinic information. Women and men in the town know that Hope Center is a safe place for them to come.

Recently Hope Center found themselves with a vacancy in their nurse manager role on two different occasions. The first time they had a nurse leave, which left a void while they found a new nurse to perform ultrasounds and perform the nurse manager duties. Instead of rushing through the process of finding the right person or going without these services while they searched, Sparrow Solutions provided a temporary staff person that would come in once a month for a week and do all of the ultrasounds.

Angela said that the process was seamless.  “The temporary staff person was part of the team. She bonded with the staff and with our clients. It was a flawless transition as if she were one of us.”

A second situation occurred when their nurse, who was trained by Sparrow, had surgery and was out longer than anticipated. Sparrow was able to provide someone again to come in for a few days to help out.

I asked Angela what advice she would give a clinic that found themselves without a staff person for a period of time. Her advice was, “Don’t rush. God’s timing is always perfect, and He will provide the right person in his timing. Also trust the resources that are available to you to provide the services that are needed. We never went without. There was never an abortion minded client that walked away without providing for her need. We never saw them turn around and leave and not come back.”

About Sparrow’s temporary staffing service she said, “Each one of the nurses and their dedication to our center and the service that they provided to each one of the clients was above and beyond. It was just like you would expect from a hire. There was such a high standard, there was no need to hurry to find someone. The service was cost effective and wasn’t lacking in any way. Many times when someone says temporary that means subpar service, but that wasn’t what Sparrow provided.”

Kim Griggs
Sparrow Solutions Group

If you would like more information about our temporary staffing option, please contact Ginnie at 702-925-8737.



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