Topics You’re Interested In…or So We’ve Heard!

HI, I am back from Haiti and I’m onto the next task; two days at the office then on a plane to Oregon for an Intermediate Course. You can relate I’m sure to the next task being not one, not two,  but three or more things!  We have had quite a bit happening in our office and one of those “happenings” is getting inquiries about topics we can address!  Some of the topics that are being considered may be of interest to you and your team, so keep on the lookout for the date they’ll be offered!  Among those topics on the horizon are AAAHC Training and what we found when we attended…you may want to join us! Having a candid discussion related to abortion in the average OB office, you might have a use for what I found out at this medical training.  When was the last time you reviewed the SDMS Code of Ethics, it’s not just for the sonographer!  So much to keep up with and so much fun doing it! See you at a webinar or Go To Training in the near future.

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