From Peds to OB

(Erin Jeffress Left, Sylvia Williams Right)

When medical professionals begin working at a Pregnancy Medical Clinic, often their backgrounds are not in OB, nor is it very common for them to be coming from another PMC. As Sparrow Solutions Group travels around the country training nurses, we find nurses from all walks of life.

Recently Sparrow had the opportunity to train two nurses at a recent training in Las Vegas, NV. They were attending the same course, and it was soon discovered that they were both Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. I was able to speak briefly with each nurse and ask them a couple of questions about their backgrounds and how they foresee that translating to the PMC.

Sylvia Williams is from Birth Choice Pregnancy Center in San Marcos, CA. She had recently moved to San Marcos and joined a church there. The pastor was talking about the need for a nurse to work at Birth Choice and to perform ultrasounds. She said, “It sounded like a good choice to help women realize and work through the issues of unexpected pregnancy.”

Sylvia’s background as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner included working at a school based clinic where she did well child immunizations and physicals. She also worked with adolescents and those that had children. At the school clinic, she touched on issues of pregnancy for young mothers. She sees her role at Birth Choice Pregnancy Center as the person who is “showing the mother what is going on in the pregnancy—the baby has a heartbeat, a head, and limbs and that is the reality of the situation.” She’s then able to help her make a decision around that reality.

Elaine Jeffress is from Arlington, VA and is a staff nurse at Assist Pregnancy Center in Annandale, VA. Elaine’s church is active in supporting their local PMC, and Elaine began looking for ways to get involved. Elaine was looking for non-clinical work after spending over seven years at Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. But God kept showing Elaine that he wanted her in the clinical setting. A group of friends from Elaine’s church inquired about serving in a client mentor role at the clinic in Arlington, but was unable to work it out.  A one-time announcement came through Elaine’s inbox announcing that Assist Pregnancy Center was looking to hire a nurse. Elaine did not take that role, but did begin volunteering as a nurse volunteer. A year later, another position for a staff nurse opened, and Elaine prayed about it and took the call.

Elaine has found that her experience as a nurse practioner in a hospital required her to wear different hats, and in all her experiences it exposed her to being a part of an interdisciplinary team. She says, “We are each a small piece of the pie, but every part is really important.” In the hospital setting, patients appreciate the time given in education and empowering them to make an informed decision about their care. Assist Pregnancy Center also holds these same principals as a part of their overall vision.  “Virginia is the only state in the tri-state area that does not allow 40 week abortions. I’m 100% responsible for everything I do and having the opportunity to be at the ground level at the hospital, coming up with policies and procedures and standards of care, and having my license on the line, prepared me to stay compliant with these same standards of care at the clinic.”

Elaine’s mission: “Be available for them. Let them know that someone is going to listen and be responsive. I get to be a part of a ministry that does that and does it well.”

Although both Sylvia’s and Elaine’s audience changed, their standards of care remain the same. Both are uniquely equipped to serve and be a tremendous asset to their new teams.


Kim Griggs
Sparrow Solutions Group
Editor & Writer

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