Leave home and family for sonography training?

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What if God called you to go? To leave your family and everything familiar?

For Abraham, it meant leaving his home in Ur and going he knew not where–wherever God would lead. He would be a sojourner. But God cares for the sojourner, and God promised He would be His God, and that Abraham and his descendants would be God’s people.

For Ruth, it meant leaving the land of Moab and her people the Moabites. It meant she would always be seen as a foreigner among the Hebrews. A foreigner in a completely different culture. But she chose her mother-in-law, Naomi’s God to be her God and Naomi’s people to be her people.

When you first sensed God calling you to serve as a nurse in a PMC, perhaps you never thought God would call you to leave your family–to sacrifice a week or two weeks away from them. Many nurses have shared how it feels like they are leaving a large chunk of their hearts back home.

Along with that longing for home and family is the fear in the back of their minds: What if after all the investment of money and sacrifice of time, they are the one who fails? Who don’t succeed to meet the standards to become certified and be able to go back to their clinics and scan? 

The good news is the faithfulness of God. Just as He was faithful to Abraham and Ruth, He has proven Himself faithful to hundreds of nurses who have left homes and families over the years to travel for their sonography training. The number of those who have gone through training and not been able to train afterwards is slight.

Hear the recent testimonies of two nurses who made the sacrifice God may be asking of you.

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