PMC Summit, Memphis, TN

Life Choices in Memphis, TN, hosted its 7th annual PMC Summit, July 21 and 22.  
Teams traveled as far as Texas, MS, AR, and as nearby as TN to participate.

The PMC Summit mission is: Increasing positive impact through interactive and collaborative engagement.


Each morning began with a message from Teaching Pastor and author, Andy Savage.

Sue Parker, CEO of Life Choices Memphis, led the participants through a time of connecting and reconnecting to get to know one another. One ED had been working for her ministry for 27 years. The newest participant joined her team less than six weeks ago!

So many people get a mental block when they hear the words “strategic planning.”  Marla Northcut and Teresa Dunlap spent Thursday afternoon leading the entire group through presentations to show why it’s so important and to simplify the process.

Friday morning featured three breakout sessions:

  • Client Service Team Members
  • Medical Service Team Members
  • Board Members, EDs, and Development Team Members

Friday afternoon featured two large group sessions:

  • Core Communication® Awareness Wheel®
  • “It’s Time for a Little Reality Check” (sexual integrity)

The Life Choices Memphis team is already planning next year’s PMC Summit. If you’d like to attend or talk to Sue Parker about how you can replicate a similar conference in your area, she welcomes you to contact her at

Hear what some of the participants had to say:


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