Seasons—Your Ultrasound Equipment

Nearly all ultrasound manufacturers have a planned life cycle of their ultrasound systems of about 7 years.  If you have an ultrasound system that is less than 3 years old, your system is in the spring of life and has been covered by an equipment manufacturers warranty and either you or your staff has had training and everything is working.

If your system is 4-5 years old, you’ve hit summer, and even though your system is probably working fine, you should start budgeting for a new system.

If your system is 6 years or older, you should have some money either budgeted or saved, and you can talk about either trading in your current system or definitely considering a new unit.

Now, if your system is say 8 years or older, you’re in the winter, and more than likely you will be getting a letter from the ultrasound manufacturer that your system is at the end of the product life cycle and that parts will be available for the next 7 years, but service will be most likely limited. If you’re in the dead of winter, your system isn’t working properly, or you have staff that has changed, and they need additional training and haven’t had the funds available for either upgrades or ultrasound training.

Here is where we can really help by not only providing training, but also, brainstorming and idea exchange. If you want to utilize our team to discuss some of those options, we at Sparrow know of fund raising activities and grants and programs that are available both nationally and in some cases locally, where matching monies for equipment and training can be acquired.

There is no other piece of equipment in your clinic that can offer the life saving effect that an ultrasound system provides. We all know the statistics, women that see an ultrasound image of their child choose life eighty percent of the time, so don’t let the seasons change without you knowing where you stand and what assistance is available to you for both equipment and training from Sparrow.

Lyle Mussman
Alpinion PMC Sales Manager

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