Clinic Visit Value (CVV)

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If you want to increase funding, establish your PMC more credibly as a medical clinic, and increase community awareness of your services, the CVV course may be exactly what you need.

While most PMC messaging speaks to the hearts of donors, the CVV course equips you to engage their minds in concrete terms.

Clinics that can communicate to donors an accurate dollar value of the services they provide broaden their messaging dynamic. Team members are able to leverage the financial value, as well as the emotional, spiritual, and life-affirming value to donors and other community partners.

Built on Diagnosis Codes and Procedure Codes obtained from up-to-date CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Medical Codes created by the AMA, this course trains your team to determine the value of a patient’s visit to your clinic.

Furthermore, when patients understand the value of their visit, and are told that because people value them, they have invested in the clinic so that they could receive all services at no charge, it helps them begin to appreciate their value.

  • Sparrow’s grip of the value of PMC services can be translated into terms everyone appreciatesSparrow logo Value copy
  • Ability to build a comprehensive patient encounter form because of our PMC experience
  • Experienced PMC billers and coders bring unique advantage to training

Prerequisite: Linear Shared Decision Making (LSDM may be scheduled to immediately precede CVV to save on expenses.)

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