Fundamentals in OB Patient Care

obstetrical care

Are your nurses skilled in OB care?

AWOHNN states that “performing these ultrasound examinations represents an expanded nursing role and thus is not to be undertaken by the novice or inexperienced obstetric, gynecologic, or reproductive medicine RN.”

The American Nurses Association states, “Nurses must maintain competence and strive for excellence in their nursing practice, whatever the role or setting” in their Code of  Ethics.

The Fundamentals in OB Patient Care course provides the nurse manager, clinic manager, staff nurse, volunteer nurse or imaging specialist with the necessary basics or fundamentals in OB patient care.

Many who apply for a nurse manager, staff nurse position or volunteer nurse in the PMC have not had recent experience in OB; in fact, some have stated, “I haven’t done OB since nursing school.” This day and a half course for RN’s and other team members addresses that issue and provides the basics of OB care.

Furthermore, if you have an RDMS and Client Services Director on your team, they both need to know the boundaries of patient education as it relates to early pregnancy and to understand the role of the nurse in this specialized setting.

Our staff is equipped to define and educate your team about the differences between scanning in the hospital of private OB office verses the Pregnancy Medical Clinic.  What the RDMS and/or Client Advocate can say and should say needs clarification in order to protect all involved in this specialized care.

Program Overview

Equip the RN in the Pregnancy Medical Clinic with the basics of obstetrical care as it relates to pregnancy diagnosis and referrals.

Scope of Service

  • 1.5-day on-site course, two RN trainers
  • Includes anatomy and physiology of early pregnancy, nonviable pregnancies, prenatal education, informed consent, STIs, prenatal testing, contraceptive methods, care pathways, decision support, and education
  • Meets medical standards set by nurse organizations like AWOHNN of RNs working in an OB setting needing current OB experience or training


  • Participants will be equipped to understand and share with their inter-professional team and the community how the Pregnancy Medical Clinic impacts women and their reproductive health.
  • Participants will define basic knowledge of reproduction, fetal development and physiological changes in pregnancy.
  • Participants will gain knowledge of contemporary prenatal care.
  • Participants will identify the unique service setting of the PMC and why it’s important to message correctly.
  • Participants will participate in group exercises related to optimized patient care.
  • Participants will be given the definitions that impact daily operations in the PMC.
  • Participants will learn strategies for inter-professional team development.


The materials necessary to complete the training program are included in the fee set forth below.


This course provides 12 continuing education hours for the RN. 


The following fees for Fundamentals in OB Patient Care:

Fundamentals in OB Patient Care

1) Fundamentals in OB Patient Care fee of $395.00

2) A $175.00 deposit is required to secure a spot

3) Expenses are invoiced separately: airfare, accommodations, rental car, per diem for training staff.

NOTE: This course can be offered regionally, or through a state or regional coalition.

Scholarships and packages available. Please complete application for consideration.
We wish to provide quality training to all medical clinics that desire to work with our team.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services, please contact our office at (702) 925-8737.


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