Position Your ED/CEO for Success

performance-appraisalThe average tenure for an ED/CEO of a PMC is less than five years. Could it be that we position them for burnout? For failure?

Oftentimes new EDs/CEOs are hired for PMCs based on their passions, experiences, and leadership skills, though they may have never had past experiences or trainings related to their new position. What begins with optimism and excitement begins to fade long before the honeymoon is over.

Even seasoned EDs/CEOs may find themselves scrambling to stay on top of the latest trends, unsure if they are really using their time most wisely, but so overwhelmed by the tyranny of the urgent, they doesn’t know how to get on top of it all to lead the organization from good to great.

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The EDs/CEOs may easily become overwhelmed as people expect them to be experts in fiduciary responsibilities, accounting and budgeting, HR, donor development and ministry relations, event planning, administration, grants, curriculum, patient flow, and more.

To make the situation more challenging, oftentimes board members rotate off the board so frequently; it leaves the organization with little to no stability.

Who’s leading whom? Does the board lead the ED/CEO, or does the ED/CEO lead the board?

How does a board know that their ED/CEO is doing what she’s supposed to be doing? And if they don’t know, how can they position him/her for success, much less evaluate his/her performance? What criteria should they use? And how can the review process be one that encourages him/her and promotes success rather than one that takes the wind out of his/her sails?

How do you develop an ED/CEO to maximize his/her potential?

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