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“You’re sure I’m not going to single-handedly take down the entire clinic if I make a mistake?” Julie was the new nurse manager at her clinic and was completely overwhelmed. Her predecessor had become ill and was unable to train her in her new position.

Being a Nurse Manager at a Pregnancy Medical Clinic is an enormous responsibility and can surely be overwhelming at times. Julie is not alone. Kari Haug, a new consultant for Sparrow Solutions Group, remembers what it was like to step into such a significant role:

I remember what it was like to come in as a Nurse Manager and not feel equipped to do the job because there was no nurse manager before me to show me what it was supposed to look like. I’m just so glad I had Sonography Now, now Sparrow Solutions Group, to come in and give me the basics so that I would have the confidence I needed to do the job well.

Kari joined Connie on a whirl-wind initiation hitting six centers in five days in three different states. They visited two in California, three in Ohio, and one from Alabama. These centers were traditional brick and mortar centers as well as mobile clinics. They spent the week providing support, skill refinement, and foundational education. This one-week aggressive journey through the heartland of North American was fueled by their deep sense of responsibility to Pregnancy Medical Clinics like yours and to life.

We have a responsibility to guard and maintain high standards while providing sufficient training to those who join us in this mission to value and celebrate life. We each have a responsibility. Sparrow’s responsibility is to listen to our clients and design relevant courses that address the needs of the clinic. When a nurse manager or staff members see a need in their organization, they now have qualified educators that provide the necessary education. The center’s responsibility is to recognize and properly provide for orientation and ongoing training so that their staff feel equipped and supported in their roles and functions inside the organization.

What did Kari learn?

Well at each location she saw a tremendous heart for the mission and a desire for excellence. Each had an incredible dedication to their job—one nurse even “wore” her baby during the entire training. But they also felt a deep responsibility to execute the practice the right way. Nurses, especially, come from a background where standards, orientation, and on-going training are the norm. It is difficult for them to walk into a situation where they aren’t quite sure what their new job entails or what the standards are.

Kari said, “I love that Sparrow can help these nurses by providing the training and standards they need. As a new team member of Sparrow, I’m excited that we get to fill that gap for them.”

It is imperative for centers to provide their staff with the proper training and orientation. Many times, there is a lack of knowledge as to what that training and orientation must include. The cost of not offering that training and raising those standards is that the staff becomes overwhelmed and unfulfilled, leading to turn-over. Consequently, the center incurs the cost of having to re-train another individual for the same position, only resulting in similar outcomes. It’s Sparrow’s goal to intervene early on and provide those foundational pieces so that the center saves time and money in the long run and can retain those that love the mission, have a heart for life, and want to serve in this capacity.

As an education company, we take what we learn from centers and develop courses that address these needs. We saw the need for nurses to be mentored and trained on various issues and aspects of their jobs in the clinic. We are the only organization that can provide you experience and knowledge that represent 50+ years in Pregnancy Medical Clinics from five nurse consultants on our team.

When you are a part of our Nurse Mentoring Program, you not only hear from one nurse but five. When you ask a question, you receive five answers deriving from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We bear the burden of responsibility in providing quality education courses. At the bottom, you will find links to some of these courses. Sparrow Solutions Group is here to help you carry the weight of responsibility in providing necessary training to your staff and to continue to create courses that give centers confidence to make a difference for the cause of life.

Kim Griggs
Sparrow Solutions Group

P.S. Our Nurse Mentoring Program is available but not on our website yet. If you would like more information about this, please contact our office at 702-925-8737.

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