A Glimpse from Heaven

I’ve been raised in heaven.

Yes, that’s right. I’m here—longing for you to arrive! Do you know Jesus? Have you heard that name or met him? I’ve grown up playing with him. He is a delightful person to spend time with. He knows you, even if you don’t know him. He’s like that. He knows and desires to be a friend to everyone. Some don’t want to be his friend, but I’m glad God has such a friend for me.

But let me continue about how I came to be here.

I was growing so fast! It’s how God orchestrated the start of life. My cells were multiplying at a rate that is impossible to imagine. Although, I’ve learned that God gave someone the skill and desire to create a video (He shared what that is) of what my life was like as it began. But then something happened and suddenly I was with Jesus!

Jesus has told me all about you. I’m so fortunate that you loved me from the beginning, while some children I know and play with, had moms who didn’t want them initially. Apparently their moms had situations that were overwhelming. They are loved here at God’s house! Those same kids are eager to meet their moms.

God has shown me so much up here, and I could talk about heaven forever. It’s perfect! While you imagine that I missed getting your love and hugs—I’ll get those when you join me here. Oh, it’s the most wonderful place. No tears, just joy. No trials, just glory-filled living. No heartache, just pure fellowship. I still long to feel your arms around me, but nothing compares to God’s perfect love for me. In fact, He is Love. I’ve grown up with love being my reality every day.

Every person born and unborn has a purpose. And each time a life leaves the earth, it impacts that purpose in some way. I’m told leaving the world early had a purpose in your life, even though it might be hard for you to see right now. My life here is so delightful, it’s hard to grasp what might have been. Jesus has shown me the bigger picture, and even though I know you wanted me to stay with you, there is comfort in knowing that He is working all these things out for your good.

I’m just able to give a glimpse of what’s here waiting for you. I’ve never experienced loss, so I don’t totally understand how you feel about losing me. I’ve been told you have felt much heartache—a heartache that is indescribable. Here’s what I can share and hope you can see a glimpse of my life:

I am eager to meet you as are all of those who have someone who misses them.
I am eager to show you around my home and share it with you.
I am eager to meet all of the others I’ve heard about—grandparents, siblings, my dad—everyone who has missed me.
I am eager to share Jesus with you. He’ll greet you here and then find me so we can be reunited. He might even share with me when you are on your way.
I’m eager to hear what your purpose was. How God uses you. Maybe I was part of that.
I’m eager for you to see a place of perfection, where you’ll long no more.
I’m eager to see your response to this place called heaven.

I want to meet you, but I know you must know Jesus to come. If you love him, if you have a relationship with him, you’ll be here one day, too. I want you here. You can rest in knowing I am ready for your arrival, whenever God has that planned.

Connie Ambrecht
Sparrow Solutions Group

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