My Remembrance

You thought I’d arrive, you were counting the days,
But that never happened, instead you stood dazed.

Dazed by untimely events, both our lives now changed,
Changed, even devastated, not merely rearranged!

We both had a plan, a life to be shared,
Instead I was taken, no event be compared.

I was taken up, to a place of perfection,
God’s hand on my soul, He guides us in reflection.

Jesus spends time with me, He fills my day,
There are many such children, we’ve known no other way.

He shared how you’ve longed, to hold me close and tight,
His story of your longing, gives me earthly insight.

In this place of perfection, yes in heaven we stand in awe,
Of the king we adore daily, a beauty like you never saw.

The day will come, when you will arrive,
And I will be waiting, then together we’ll thrive.

Jesus will greet you, He’ll take your hand,
He’ll lead you through, the promised land.

He’ll bring you to me, then we can embrace,
a meeting of such importance, a demonstration of God’s grace

This joyful reunion, an indescribable elation,
Trust Jesus now, to share in such jubilation.

The only way here, is through Jesus God’s son,
He has a desire, to bring everyone.

To this place like no other, yes, you need to enter in,
I’ve spent my life here, an amazing place to begin.

Because you let go, I grew up in a different place,
There’s nothing that compares, to the sight of Jesus face.

Thank you for allowing, accepting such a fate,
As Jesus shares your story, I can hardly wait…

…to see you with my own eyes, and share this place with you,
Eternity is ours to share, heaven is for you, too.

So put my remembrance behind you, live your life to the full,
I’ve been always in His hand, He is in control.

~Connie Ambrecht~


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