7 Questions to Ask when Selecting the Best Ultrasound Equipment for Your Clinic

You might be looking to acquire your first ultrasound system for your Center, replace your existing one, or add another one due to expansion. This might not be the easiest task for someone not familiar with the manufacturers, equipment and technology, and how the technology can change over time.


Here are 7 questions to help you make the most informed decision:

1.) Do you know the manufacturer’s priorities?
2.) Do you know the manufacturer’s strength for sales and service?
3). Do you know the manufacturer’s strength in technology, and do you know what kind of technology you need?
4.) Do you know the value of the warranty?
5.) Do you know if the system is user friendly, or how to determine if the system is user friendly?
6.) Do you know what is an appropriate amount to spend?
7.) Do you know what DICOM is, and do you know if you need it?

If you are currently in the decision stage don’t hesitate to call us. It would be our pleasure to help you in any way, and there is a complimentary service we offer to you. Thank you for the work that you do and for the many lives that you save. Stay tuned for Part 2 & 3 to follow in the upcoming editions.

Steven Morris
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Sparrow Solutions Group

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