Extending Your Ministry’s Reach

While attending the Care Net conference, I spoke with two nurse managers on Friday that both mentioned the same dilemma.  They do a fantastic job with the women who come to their centers and have a high success rate, but they felt they were not reaching all those in need.

One nurse manager came from a rural area where they were the only center for three counties, and the other came from a metropolitan center in a suburb of a large city.  Our discussion lead to the same conclusion, if they had a portable ultrasound system, they could extend their ministry.  We have worked with many centers that have realized they don’t need another brick and mortar center. They can utilize a van, or make arrangements with a local church to bring a system to their location, one or more days per week. This way you can offer your services to save God’s children in a more accessible manner.

We offer the Alpinion i7, a compact lightweight, portable system that has excellent image quality with both convex and endocavitary probes.

What type of training is needed to add such a service? Some may say, “none.” As a training organization, we believe that to offer such an outreach program there is necessary training needed in order to optimize this service and to invest in all who are part of such a program. I’ve outlined a brief list of course objectives based on our experience with outreach programs.

  1. Messaging training for such a program to in-house staff and volunteers.
  2. Messaging training for those you are partnering with.
  3. Marketing program for expanded area of service.
  4. Board development related to such an outreach and new risks attached to such an endeavor.
  5. Risk Management for entire team to address new areas of risk and how to reduce them to serve all with excellence.

That covers a few things that you may feel are important. We appreciate the need to reach young women who are in the decision-making stage of pregnancy. Let us work with you, bringing our area of expertise to the equation.

Lyle Mussman
Sales Manager Alpinion PRC
Connie Ambrecht
Founder & CEO
Sparrow Solutions Group


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