AAAHC Conference in Las Vegas

aahc conference las vegas 20121

Whew… December flew by!  I planned on December being a slower month for travel…instead it began with a Las Vegas conference with a AAAHC, then a trip to Haiti and last flight to Colorado Spring, yes December literally flew by!

Many of you have asked about accreditation and the PMC.  Let’s start with the basics; get educated on the process.  Go directly to AAAHC to find out the facts before you begin.  See what you think about it, find out for yourself.  The conference is affordable and all who attended gained alot of information related to accreditaiton.

Keep watch for our webinar in January 2013 to hear details; see if you agree with those who attended…we can do this on our own. I thn mor ethan one went home and is getting set up to have a AAAHC Surveyor come to the center.  Don’t mix a AAAHC Surveyor and a private conslultant up.  Know what serves your organization best.

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