Cystic Hygroma


Hi Fellow Sonographers,

Most of you share with us at some point that you are concerned about finding the abnormal.  It can be a scary thought as you learn to scan and consider…I have learned just a small amount of the big world of sonography. If I don’t see the physician never will.  “Will I know an abnormal when I see it?  How will I know?  What will do?  What responsibility do I have to the patient?”  All good questions.  You have your list of things to document…gestational age, fetal heart rate, location.  But what about the other things?  Many of you send images to us at Sonography Now for review.  Yesterday I got an email asking…Can you take a look at this case?  Something is up, but I don’t know what.  She didn’t have to know what, but she couldn’t help but wonder…she has been scanning for years, has done regular hands-on training to grow her skills, and now she sees more of whats there!  You might be thinking…I don’t need to do that, do I? What do you think?  As a nurse, do you want to do the best you can…of course!  As a sonographer, do you want to feel confident about the scan you provide…of course!  Don’t read this and think…Maybe I shouldn’t be scanning, read it and instead think how can I improve.  What would I have done with this case?  Have I missed a cystic hygroma in the past?  I have seen more cystic hygromas in the PMC than anywhere else.  Our radiologist reviewed the images and he too felt it was a cystic hygroma.

Watch our webinar listings to see when we will be doing a webinar on this topic.  Until then, keep scanning and learning as you stand for life!

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