A Special Gift Worth Waiting For


“A Special Gift Worth Waiting For”

Connie Ambrecht

7 years ago I found myself in New Berne, Indiana doing a Time to Begin Ultrasound Training with a great group. One of the women in the group, Rose, went shopping with me on the last afternoon. There we were in a quaint little local flower shop, you know the ones, they are known for having the “special” items in town, not just flowers. The smell of burning candles fills the entry of the store, cards and cute little pocket treasures share the check-out counter, and beautiful flower arrangements abound! As we shopped we came across a darling beaded necklace one in blues, and one in yellows. “Let’s get it!” And so we did…matching necklaces for new friends. Off we went with our purchase, all smiles and laughing. Unbeknownst to me, Rose returned to the shop to buy matching earrings for both of us. After purchasing them she mailed them to me, only to get them back in her mailbox…6 months later! Now what?, Rose wondered… “I’ll put them away, find Connie’s address later”. There they sat, safe and sound in her jewelry drawer, waiting to get to their designated owner. Guess what happens next…I attended the Innovations in Faith Based Nursing Conference in Indiana, and Rose was there, bearing a special gift. Imagine my surprise when I opened up her special gift, heard the story and realized just how much it meant to her to get them to me…at last! What a blessing is was to reminisce about our training time years earlier, reflect on what God has done in each of our lives since, and imagine what He has in store for us in the future. They are a fun pair of earrings to wear, always getting a comment or two. Yes, they are a special gift and very much worth waiting for! Thank you, Rose.

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