Regret and Her Consequences


Stating that someone is post abortive is a simple fact.  It is also an important part of a woman’s medical history even though some don’t know to count it as a pregnancy.  It is an important piece of information when it comes to her psychological history, her social history, and her spiritual history. In serving women holistically, being aware of her abortion history is imperative to serving her in all areas. In this day and time, in serving a woman as it relates to abortion, it is worth the consideration and acknowledgement to consider that some women are post abortive, some are in a post abortive consideration mindset, and some are happy to carry on living in a culture that supports abortion action based on social issues that make for abrupt changes in life.

All of the situations above can lead to regret.

It could be defined using the terms: culture abortion vulnerability or abortion consideration regret. Currently we hear people remark on post abortive men and women. We read and hear testimonies of post abortive men and women as they share the decisional regret connected to their choice. It is an under shared reality that men and women in our workplace, church pews, and neighborhoods struggle with regret connected to an abortion decision.

We focus currently on the abortion decision itself.

In our current health care methods and routine medical intakes, it is not common to inquire about the abortion status beyond the question, “Have you experienced an elective termination or abortion?” Those who work with women and men who are in the decision making stage of pregnancy are acutely aware of the fact that there is true regret when abortion has been discussed as an option, and they find out that the beating heart they expected to see is still. The loss experienced and the emotional pit they enter is only exacerbated by their own thought:

“I caused this.”

The fact that I was thinking I might terminate/abort has actually caused this child’s death.

Pregnancy Medical Clinics are very aware of the patient experience as they share with us the regret and loss tied to abortion decisions as well as discussions, no matter how minimal they may seem. Guilt is stated by some—guilt that can last the entire pregnancy and beyond.  It can be a fearful place to live thinking that their child may be taken at any moment as a result of their thoughts and words.

Faith based clinics are free to share how God views each patient’s experience, and she can rest in knowing they reach out to her in His name.  Freedom from such slanted views of a heavenly Father is offered and provide a pathway for knowing a loving Father who longs for them to draw near.


Connie Ambrecht
Founder & CEO
Sparrow Solutions Group

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