Snow a Thon

Our Snow-A-Thon certificates

New Certificate Program….”Snow-a-Thon”!  If you’d like to receive this special certificate, just join one of our trainings that fits the following requirements;1.  Unanticipated snow fall of 12 inches in Week 1, 2 days of training missed, 2. Unanticipated snow fall of additional 12 inches Week 2, 2 days of training missed, 3. Above average ability to deal with adjusted learning time, 4. Trust in training organization to have a “see this through to the end” attitude, and 5.  No control issues.  If you fit this criteria and need such a certificate, then we’re the group to provide for you!

Thank you to all of the organizations who were part of this new program.  All jesting aside, it did take a special mindset to rearrange due to the weather impacting this area.  “Thank you” Liberty Women’s Clinic for all of your work to get patients in such a setting,  “Thank you” to the Executive directors for understanding that things happen and stating your appreciation for our efforts to get things completed, “Thank you” to the students for not panicking and feeling you had to control this somehow, and finally a big “Thank you” to Charlene and Michelle for your creativity.

All of things listed above are part of good leadership skills; flexibility, understanding, commitment, creativity and calm. What a good demonstration of them all.

See you soon to get you up and running!


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