Sonography Now; Beyond Our Backyard

Hello reader!

I am excited to share with you how Sonography Now will be serving Internationally for 2013.

More than one of our instructors, in fact 7, have gone on their first imaging mission trip thru connecting with Hope Imaging.  This year, Connie is positioned to do as many as 8 international trainings.

Hope Imaging is the only database of sonographers to serve on the mission field, it is the only 501c3 that builds a mission team around life-affirming imaging, it is a great organization to provide sonography training nd support internationally.

March 18th, our webinar is on this topic and I’d encourage you to join us to see what you can do. You don’t have to be a sonographer,  just willing to be part of a team.

With Connie’s trips, and other Sonography Now staff doing a trip or two, or three, Sonography Now will be part of about a dozen life-affirming training programs in internationally.

It’s good to serve beyond your backyard!

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