Southwest Regional Medical Conference for PC Nurses

This past week Sonography Now attended and presented at the “Southwest Region Medical Conference for Pregnancy Center Nurses” (SRMCPCN) held in Tulsa.  It was a wonderful event. Our portion of the conference was a pre-conference half day session that we arranged an Ultrasound Physics.  We invited our friend Dr. F. Meile present and it was great.  He used a fun “Pick Your Topic” format and all enjoyed hearing from him, being challenged by him and taking home new information for immediate application!  We saw many familiar faces as well as new ones who had many questions directed to us.  We are looking forward to learning more about many of the sonogrpahers we met.  The topics that the SRMCPCN had were valuable and we are considering having some of the speakers as “Guests” on our webinars.  Keep an eye on our clendar so you don’t miss those special topics!

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