Sharing the Gifts We Have

Results are the end product of an action. In a year of training, I’ve experienced myriad results related to Sonography training. In desiring the best results in all that I do, I have these two things in the forefront to reflect upon:

How have I equipped each student to image and serve optimally?

How have I stewarded my gifts and talents to optimize the lives of those around me?

Students, just as patients, head on their way with the necessary information to be able to choose the best course of action. As I steward my gifts and talents, I am prayerful in how I, too, choose the best course of action. At this time of the year, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I am blessed to have a saving knowledge of Him and His actions on my behalf. His birth, his life, his death, all lead to my redemption.

It is for this reason, that I continue to build up others for kingdom work, gird myself for kingdom expansion, and study to show myself approved.

Merry Christmas.

Michelle Bunn
Sparrow Solutions Group

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