Do the Six-Step: Celebrate Public Speaking!

speaker-audience-celebrateLet’s celebrate the opportunity to speak to others about our organization!

Speaking in public and even speaking one on one with potential donors can cause anxiety and fear. Sometimes we are much more comfortable staying in our own little bubble and casually smiling as people walk by. I encourage you to push out of the bubble this year. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and do the six-step in 2017:

1) Be energetic when representing your organization. This goes for choosing uplifting, positive wording as well as making all of your non-verbal messages (tone, pitch, gestures, etc.) appear energetic.

Female presenter at the board

2) Ask questions to potential donors on one on one visits and listen to them (maintain eye contact during this as well). Find out what their passions are and find a way to tie them into your organization, so they have a reason to give back to you.

3) If you don’t understand what your potential donor is saying, then ask for clarification. Knowing the donor and how they tick is the key to getting their support.

4) Choose your wording wisely. Be careful not to make statements that are broad or can be misinterpreted by your listener. Avoid words like “always”, “never”, “all”, or “no one.”

5) Be sure that you are competent and prepared to speak about your organization. Create a list of talking points and know them by heart.

6) When telling your story be sure to have a clear attention getter, and follow the story from start to finish without rabbit trails. Be clear and concise.

Danielle Pillans
Sparrow Solutions Consultant
Communications/Public Speaking Instructor

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