Let the Celebration Begin



“Let the Celebration Begin” was on the front of a birthday card I received for my most recent birthday.  How timely. There is so much to celebrate when it comes to a single life. Moments in time never to be relived, days of anguish now on the horizon behind us, hugs so tight our breath is taken away, laughs over shared moments that only two people totally understand, and life exchanges that are too numerable to recount.

Psalm 40:5 Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.

As an organization we have much to celebrate in 2016…many are the wonders, too many to declare, but I will attempt to recall and tell of celebration moments in our life that involve you. You may have had a hand in growing us as we’ve been called to provide trainings that strengthen up pregnancy clinics around our country and beyond.  Our first celebration is our new format in January 2016. How many of you had something new in January? Can you recall the excitement with which you entered the New Year? Has it been all you hoped for?  All you imagined? All He had planned for you? Each month holds opportunity for each of us as individuals as well as a whole body.

Our new format required an investment of time and travel that is extensive, and so worth it. Over the past year we have visited over 52 clinics, spending time in the trench working with you, sharing with you, listening to your needs and sharing ours with you. In addition to visiting, we have had consultations and distance learning for numerous clinics and provided foundational clinic education for many staff and volunteers.   As the year continued, we experienced growth with partners related to statewide development, foundations who support women’s healthcare, and local partners of yours who live in your community.  Many of you have looked at and replaced equipment this year, that’s always a cause for celebration! We have assisted countless clinics decide on what unit will best serve their needs. We’ve then shared in the celebration of such a decision.

When we began 2016, I had visions of having monthly celebrations to reflect on each month…I did so for several months. Then life happened. I don’t know if you can relate to falling short, but it is a reality of life as I experience it. The good news; I can begin again. We can begin again at Sparrow Solutions Group with our monthly celebrations. For 2017 we are committed to count it all joy. That alone is reason to celebrate, but it also gives us much to celebrate!

It may benefit you to look at the following list of ideas for celebrating monthly at your clinic. It may not be the usual…see what you think.

  1. Celebrate…Presentations given in January related to your clinical setting.
    The number of new people who have been raised up to present on your behalf.
  1. Celebrate…The number of support opportunities your team was able to offer.
    How many resource referrals were given?
    Share those with those you refer to…let them celebrate also!
  1. Celebrate…Strategic planning sessions with each department.
    What does each team have on the horizon?
    Let a new person share the horizon spotlight…let them grow!
  1. Celebrate…a daily event…share them with the board and medical director.
    Since they aren’t there daily, invite them to celebrate at home as they share a happening over their dinner table.
  1. Celebrate…Choose one of your organization words and focus on that to celebrate one month.
    For example, if your clinic has one message word of “Care”, track how much caring happens; what a celebration that would be!
  1. Celebrate…Focus on a particular group; Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, community clinics, local health department, or some other group or even an individual from your list, and let them know you are celebrating their services.
  2. Celebrate…Team difficulties. Do we have to? Yes…He’s growing you. It’s a requirement to handle difficulties. Count is all joy, remember?
  3. Celebrate…Supplies, heat, air conditioning, material goods that provide work space.
  4. Celebrate…those that move on to the next place that He has called them.
    What an honor to be the training ground, the preparation place for His worker.
  1. Celebrate…your uniqueness. WOW. No clinic is just like you. You are one of a kind as an organization.

I’ve heard of a celebration tree, and I think we’ll start one. I hope you enjoy celebrating some out of the ordinary things as you serve in an out of the ordinary patient with out of the ordinary motivation. Fill your tree with leaves that display celebration moments of 2017. Imagine the harvest next year at this time as the leaves fall into the hands of each worker and time is spent reflecting on each wonder He has done.

Connie Ambrecht
Sparrow Solutions Group Founder & CEO

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