What’s the Matter with Life?


Why do we get a sinking feeling when disasters strike in distant lands or in our own back yard?

What is it that reaches our core and sympathizes for mankind as a whole?

Whether it’s flooding, a hurricane, an earthquake, or a fire, we reach out to our fellow men to come to their aid. In more recent times, we have terrorist attacks on unsuspecting communities and human trafficking touching our lives.

Why are we impacted?

Why are we impacted to the point of taking action?

We go, we give, we pray.

At the root of such a response is our belief that we find intrinsic value in those who’ve been hurt. We demonstrate to the world that those lives that have been impacted are worth whatever it takes to save them. We realize that while it was them this time, it could be us next time.

If life was worthless, we would not be moved in any way when people find children in a brothel in India or the Philippines, being sold to adults for their own perverted pleasure.

We would not be interested in following post-earthquake reports of lives being found two, three, five, seven days later…ALIVE!

We’d never give a second thought to the outcome of firefighters who sacrifice their lives outside their own community as a result of working to save homes of people they’ve never met.

We value life. The average person finds value in the living soul. The average person longs for a perfect world where none of the natural disasters occur, and no one is traded for money at the hands of someone more powerful.

In observing and experiencing such commitment to life on a worldwide scale, I find it contradictory that when it comes to being pro-life, many find it offensive.  Some describe it as a “ridiculous notion” or “standing against women.”

In January, there are those who recognize the third Sunday of the month as Sanctity of Life Sunday. The ones who recognize such a day can be the same ones who are put into a category of being “one of those people.” One of those who stands for life from its natural beginning to its natural end. One of those who stands for the unborn as well as the aged.

Why is it worthwhile to save and rejoice in the recovery of the man, woman, or child who is pinned under several feet of concrete, yet the unborn life is not worth basic protection?

Why is it an acceptable course of action by the general population to invest in saving lives and reestablishing them in society when they’ve been slaved in the sex industry?

No one argues whether this is worthwhile. No voices of protest are heard ranting that these lives should not be helped. No one ridicules those who support such endeavors financially.

What separates the unborn?

As we greet January at Sparrow Solutions Group, we will embrace Sanctity of Life Sunday. We will not separate the unborn from every other life when we acknowledge such a day. Instead, we will recognize that every life is valuable. The intrinsic value is not based on our opinion but based on our belief that everyone is created for a purpose by a Creator who knows the plans for each of us.

Connie Ambrecht
Sparrow Solutions Group Founder & CEO





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