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“Sparrow hands-on Ultrasound training is too difficult, we are going with an easier training company.”—nothing could be a bigger compliment! As an Executive Director or Nurse Manager who has chosen Sparrow for training, those words should ring true to your ears also.

Our ultrasound training may seem difficult to some. We’re glad. We have a competency based program that invests 6 months into most of our participants. We invest in training to keep ourselves relevant to OB patient care and imaging. We invest in leadership courses that will grow our knowledge in inter-professional team development. We invest in knowing equipment and what each manufacturer represents and offers. We invest because we want your PMC to be above reproach in all aspects of patient care related to imaging.

Medical operations and/or patient care on every level is competency based. Medical professionals expect a competency with every training they receive. They want to know that they have been tested and passed. They want to know that they have been examined and can provide quality care. They want to rest in knowing they are above reproach. From performing a simple pregnancy test to assisting in cardiac surgery, passing a competency is the standard.

When it comes to our ultrasound program, we don’t have many who state that our training is too difficult, but on occasion, we do encounter someone who doesn’t pass our competency.  She may feel or state, “It was us too difficult for me.” Our competency and written exam have been in place for 14 years. They are not meant to be easy. This competency protects all of the licenses involved, as well as the clinic itself. If sonography was easy, why would people invest 2-4 years getting educated in such a profession? Good sonographers make imaging look easy, that is true. The reality is, it is the most difficult imaging modality. It’s totally operator dependent. If the sonographer misses any pathology, the interpreting physician will never see it, never report it. Everyone loses.

Yes, we are glad to be considered difficult. We are not offended at all by such a statement.  In fact, we embrace it. We’d rather be known as the training organization that sets the bar high, than to be known as the easy way to go.

The recent shooting in our organization’s home town started the phrase—Vegas Strong. The message behind it is that Vegas will stand no matter what. When it comes to the trainings we offer, we want you to  be able to stand strong, no matter what. If we take on the same sentiment as our home town we would say:

Sparrow Strong for (Insert your clinic name here) Strong.

We were the original hands-on training company for PMC’s and we have stood strong with many of you since the beginning of your clinic services. Thank you for standing strong in your community!

Connie Ambrecht
Founder & CEO
Sparrow Solutions Group



“A nurse, for example, might be an extremely competent clinician after working in an adult medical unit for 10 years. If that same nurse changed roles and moved to an outpatient pediatric setting, the nurse would not demonstrate the same level of competence as she demonstrated in the adult unit. The nurse would need to participate in additional training to build the knowledge and skills needed to practice safely in the new setting. And the nurse’s employer would need to evaluate that she is safely, effectively, and ethically delivering care in the new environment.”  Click here for full article.


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