Seven Questions to Ask: Part 3

In our previous edition we covered the first two of 7 total considerations when it comes to equipment selection. As Equipment Facilitators our job is to provide you with solid direction as you choose your first or your next ultrasound equipment.

The next two important questions to consider in choosing your equipment are:

  • 3) Do you know the manufacturer’s strength in technology and what technology you need?
  • 4)  Do you know the warranty value and how to compare what each manufacturer offers?

Let’s talk about technology. Technology is important to consider as it changes every 2-3 years. A good question to ask is, “Does your system have pinless probe technology?  Do you have single crystal technology?”

Pinless probe technology reduces noise by removing the signal interference, therefore, creating a better signal transfer from the probe to the system box resulting in a sharper image.

Single Crystal technology is a transducer design that provides a wider bandwidth resulting in superior penetration, producing an image with better resolution and visibly sharper image quality.

A side note on technology is the monitor size and what to consider. It is worthwhile for the consumer to consider what size the monitor is for patient viewing as well as sonographer viewing. In todays imaging setting it is ideal to have a 19-inch high definition monitor.

Next, we want to provide valuable insight on the warranty and its value. The first thing is to accept that it is a “have to.” The industry standard is one year parts and labor. For those manufacturers, Alpinion being one example, that offer two or three years of a comprehensive warranty, we say, “thank you!” The most important thing when it comes to warranties is how comprehensive it is. One can expect to pay $3,000.00 per year for ultrasound equipment warranty, and this would be considered a good value. The key thing is comparing what is included. We challenge you to ask yourself, “Do I want to go with the manufacturer that offers an extended warranty initially, or do I want to go with the one who keeps that offer as a hidden card only to be presented when the pressure is on?”

In the next edition of The Advisor, we will provide considerations 5 and 6. Until then, Happy Scanning!

Steven Morris
Principal Consultant
Sparrow Solutions Group

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