First Step: Ideas + Solutions = Transformation

Ideas sol transIt takes ideas to initiate change.

It takes a solution to initiate a transformation.

It takes transformation to become new.

Ideas + Solutions = Transformation is a personalized training, support, and consultation for those who want to excel in new areas of service in a way that will position them to be above reproach.

  • Minimize the learning curve for personnel in new positionsSparrow logo Value copy
  • Benefit from expertise of professionals
  • Save time and money by equipping your team to work smarter, not harder
  • Reduce personnel frustrations and stress
  • Increase confidence and morale

As stewards, our team of experienced experts takes a team approach, partnering with your team, as we listen to and assess your stated needs, keeping watch for the unknowns and offering ideas for solutions to stay on track with your stated goals.

What are some of the possible areas where we can assist you through transformation?

We have identified the following areas that tend to need further development from having spent time in over 700 pregnancy centers/medical clinics:

  • The complete transition of services offered, such as transitioning from a resource center to a medical clinic
  • Leadership positions that have evolved as as the pregnancy resource center transitions into a pregnancy medical clinic such as
    • Executive Director (ED)
    • Client Services Director (CSD)
    • Nurse Manager (NM)
    • Imaging Director (ID)
    • Clinic Manager (CM)
    • Director of Development (DOD)
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • and Board Members (BM)
  • New employees hired as EDs, NMs, or CSDs

Has your clinic experienced any of those transitions?

Has your organization ever gone through an ED change only to have the new ED feeling overwhelmed with, “Where do I start?” Imagine that new ED being shadowed by an experienced clinic ED and how that would impact his/her confidence, routine, transition and community impact. Worthwhile?…Of course it is. It makes sense to equip her right from the get go, to be more effective. It’s good stewardship.

Any role in the clinic can use this support to save time and money with running a smooth ministry.

We’ve played a role in assisting a new ED step into a clinic setting having never run a medical clinic.

We’ve shared ideas with NM’s and CM’s for building the organization in the community at large.

We’ve been called upon to build fund-raising strategies for medical professionals who want to be part of the PMC  team.

Our experienced team offers services you can’t get from any other group. We are unique in what we offer and how it’s offered.

If you desire optimization of any areas of your organization or if you are considering a transition related to your services, call Sparrow Solutions Group at 702-925-8783.

Program Overview

Ideas + Solutions = Transformation begins with a 30 minute consultation where you tell us where you are, about your team, your community, where you’ve been, and where you see yourself going. We’ll ask questions, assess your stated needs, and put together a team who will develop a customized follow-up webinar-based consultation that connects their expertise in the areas where you most need direction and training.

In going through the webinar-based Ideas + Solutions = Transformationclinics may determine they need on-site optimization for building a solid service platform. Clinics that invest in Ideas + Solutions = Transformation will receive priority consideration for scholarships.

Click for details in printable pdf.

Register for Ideas + Solutions = Transformation by Dec. 31, 2016, and your registration fee will be discounted 50%.

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